I had a very strange thing happen this afternoon. I took my blood sugar and the first reading was 267. That was weird to me because I did not eat anything horrible today. So, I took it two minutes later and it was 159. The only anomaly I can think of is that I washed my hand in between them.

It’s been a struggle of a few days but that is part of dealing with this disease, it doesn’t hide just because life is going on. Today I learned that an old mentor, co worker and friend passed away, on top of that I’m traveling to Florida tomorrow for a family members funeral.

When all of this feeling stuff happens it makes me want to eat whatever I want. I kind of did that last night, as well as drank four vodka soda’s with a lime. FYI, I feel like the lime is an important detail. So last night I ate teriyaki chicken wings and a quesadilla.

I also ate three eggs for breakfast, an apple and banana and a salad for lunch.

Today, I had two eggs for breakfast, a banana and then some meat and cheese and a salad. The salad was from the grocery store. It had some sort of cracker thing in it and I decided to throw that away. Tonight I baked a sweet potato with sautéed onions, mushrooms, peppers, garlic and kielbasa. I added some carne asada seasoning as well as fresh like juice. I definitely will make it again.

The next couple of days will be a struggle. I am going to try very hard to work at making the right choices and I will keep you informed!

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