November 29th- Tackled by Grey Goose.

You know it’s been a successful evening with cousins when you wake up, hung over and your knee is sore from being tackled. I’m not a cousin who gets tackled very often. I’m not a cousin that hangs out with cousins very often, mainly because I feel like we have not that much in common, they like to chat about things like hunting, fishing etc., and I like broadway shows. But, this trip was different. We were mourning the loss of an uncle, we are all a little bit older, and, I think, a little bit more respectful of our differences than before.

Back to that tackle though, my knee is still in pain two days later, and with the amount of Grey Goose we consumed we should own a little bit of stock in the company. That said, mainly because my stomach has been in knots, I’ve made relatively good food choices. On Thursday I ate a banana and some veggie cream cheese for breakfast. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that cream cheese has very few carbs and is acceptable to eat, as long as a bagel is not attached to eating it, more on the bagel in a subsequent post. At the reception, after the funeral, there was a buffet. It was lined with white chocolate macadamia cookies, key lime pie, sweet tea, pasta, eggs rolls, roast beef, meatballs, buffalo cheese dip with breads, etc. I was good, I did take a little bit of the things I shouldn’t have, like pasta and bread. I took zero desserts and those shire chocolate chips were poking out at those cookies just waiting to be eaten. I took unsweetened tea, and when my cousin asked if I wanted more tea she was shocked when I asked for unsweetened.

That night at the family gathering we took home the meatballs and everything else but that is all I snacked on. I have some catching up to do with the writing. Coming up I’ll tell you about a dinner with a dear friend, and then maybe I’ll write about my life time love affair with bagels.

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