I started to look at the grams of carbs in things that I’m eating. It’s not a pretty sight. There are 27 grams of carbs in sweet potato and in one medium banana. I ate sweet potato, banana, cranberries. I need to do better but I also want to eat through what I have, because if I’m truthful here, money is tight. I don’t want to waste what I have.

This morning I had 2 bananas and 3 eggs, and then for lunch I had a spinach salad. The spinach salad had 20 grams of carbs but I threw away whatever the bread looking thing was, which I’m sure made up most of the carbs. Dinner tonight was 2 pieces of salmon and left over sweet potato and broccoli.

I had all of these plans to start a page with links and podcasts that I’m listening to but I didn’t do it. It’s time to go to bed. More tomorrow!

Oh, one last thing, my BS was a little high this morning. I totally forgot to take it again this afternoon, I imagine it was down.

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