A week ago tonight I got the news that one of my best friends had a massive stroke. Then on Thursday, we had to fly to Orlando for a work thing. The work thing was a blast, we got to go to DisneyWorld for two days. But, hanging over my head, was the news of my friend. The prognosis is not good and it’s been rough. I’ve let myself go during this time, eating whatever I want. I also discovered that it is very difficult to find good food to eat at a theme park. On Saturday night it was so crowded that the only thing we could find was pizza. It was delicious but I shouldn’t have eaten it.

Here is what I’ve decided. I’m going to write every day, no matter what. I’m going to take my blood sugar level twice a day. I could not even find my blood sugar machine when I went to Orlando this past weekend, so it’s been at least a week since I’ve checked it.


This morning my blood sugar was 183. Tonight my blood sugar was 120. My eating was good today. I had meat and cheese for breakfast, a spinach salad with chicken for lunch and then pork loin with brussel sprouts and onions for dinner. Yesterday, I ate 3 bags of cheez-it’s, a turkey sandwich on a baguette, 3 donuts, and then spinach salad with chicken for dinner. So, I’m excited to be back to my healthy eating.

Onward to tomorrow!

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