I’m beginning to think that this is becoming a blog about how to get diabetes, instead of a blog about how I’m recovering. I do realize that it’s the holiday season. I have to give myself a little bit of a break, especially with all of the drama that I’ve been going through.

This is random, I know, but for those of you that were interested, getting in line to wait to go to a TV taping is not glamorous at all. Yesterday afternoon I got out of work 2 hours early so that I could attempt to go to a taping of ‘The Connors.’ My partner and I drove to Warner Brothers in Burbank, the ticket always says to be there 90 minutes prior to a show taping, which was 4 pm, we were there by 2:15 pm. It’s best to get there earlier but I could not take the whole day off and we didn’t think it would be that crowded, because people were leaving for the holiday. We were wrong. We sat on those cold ass benches in the garage and because the VIP list was so long, they only let about 50 of us regular people in. We did not make the cut, which in the end was good, because I only slept about four hours the night before. We ended up picking up some Zankou Chicken and heading home. Y’all, I was asleep on the couch by 7 pm.


This is part where I convince you that I’m not doing a blog about how to reverse diabetes. What didn’t I eat yesterday? My boss got each of us coffee mugs with a shortbread cookie, pinwheel cookies, dark chocolate and a packet of hot cocoa. I ate three hard-boiled eggs, the cookies, a package of meat and cheese. Then for lunch, I ate a salad with leftover chicken from the night before. Dinner, as I mentioned above was Zankou chicken, they have this garlic paste that is just insane. I could eat it all day, lather it on pita bread. Oh, and then there were cookies, so many cookies that my partner brought home from work.

I’m so looking for the holiday’s to be over. I’m not really feeling like I’m getting one because I have to work both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve while most of my friends are off. It will be fine though because I’m saving my vacation time for my wedding this fall.

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