Well, I started off yesterday with good intentions, that counts for something right? We decided to go to the movies to see ‘Second Act’ with Jennifer Lopez. It was okay but I’m getting tired of movies that have the same plot. Anyway, instead of getting something that had a lot of carbs in it at the movie theater, we went to the dine in, I made myself a salad with some hard boiled eggs that I had left over from the week. Then we got to the movies and I had an order of chicken wings and also ate my fiance’s pretzel bites with cheese sauce.  Then last night I went to a friends birthday party, someone I’ve known since we were teenagers. I had three vodka soda’s with lime, my choice of drink because it has little to no sugar, and my fiance had two glasses of wine. Our bill came to $60 without the tip, isn’t that crazy?

My blood sugar was a little weird yesterday,  I think it was because of the pretzel bites at the movie. It’s not often that my blood sugar is lower in the morning than it is in the afternoon.

You know that feeling that you get when you’ve had a bit to drink and you just need something to eat? Well, that was what I was feeling like, so we got a grilled cheese sandwich late at night. I keep telling myself it’s the holidays and I’ll be better as soon as the new year starts. I hope it’s true.

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