December 23 and 24- Christmas Eve Blood Sugar…..

It’s Christmas Eve and my blood sugar is a mess. It was 185 this morning and 219 tonight. I have been pounding some water with hopes that I would get it to go down but I also may have had a few bags of cheezits. I can’t wait until all of this holiday crap is done. Although, I’m looking forward to cooking tomorrow and hanging out with friends and family.

This is kind of a combination post from yesterday and today. I did not write down what I ate yesterday but I know I had bacon and eggs with potatoes for breakfast lunch, then last night we finished the potatoes that I made, had carne asada chicken and asparagus. Today I had chocolate chip cookies, meat, and cheese, three mini roast beef sandwiches, the cheezits and left over carne asada chicken.

I’d like to say that I’m celebrating the holiday but I’m really just trying to make it through the holiday. Then I’m excited about the New Year and a new me, you know how that goes.

Okay, my fiance and I are going to watch ‘The Holiday’ and get to bed. Merry Christmas Eve!

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