September 12, 2020 – Cheat Day

I need to set a few boundaries here, because you and I are going to be great friends, once again. I need you to know that I’m not going to use people’s real names, instead I’m going to use characters names from musicals. So, for example, my husband is going to be known as Jean Valjean, or JVJ for short. The wonderful thing about the internet is that I can tell you what I want, but just know when it comes to food and exercise I will be completely honest.

It’s ironic that I jump back into this and I start with a cheat day, but in the past Saturday’s have been my cheat days. Plus Jean Valjean and I were heading over to his families house and we were celebrating. One of our friends, Elle (Legally Blonde), got engaged, and we were celebrating at a socially distanced happy hour with champagne and food. I ate these wonderful taco’s from a place called Pepe’s Taco’s. You all, these taco’s were $1.79 a piece, you can’t get taco’s that price anywhere! I have to admit that I was a little sketched out because they also served hamburgers, fried chicken etc. I mean, come on, stay in your lane! But, my sister in law really wanted to eat there so we did.

These cupcakes were a gift to Elle and her fiance from another friend; this is a peanut butter cup one, and I just couldn’t resist, even though I should have. What is not pictured is the other vanilla cupcake that I ate later, after succumbing to two glasses of champagne. Told you I’d always be honest.

I ordered Jean Valjean and I El Pollo Loco to have delivered for when we got home, because I knew I was going to need something else. I’m embarrassed to say that I did not take a picture of the other piece of chicken, more mac & cheese, and the flour tortilla that I ate with garlic spread from Trader Joe’s.

Today we are going on a walk on the beach, a friend wants to stop and get ice cream, but I’m not going to eat any. My plan is just to sit there and watch them eat ice cream and cry.

I will post my goals for the week in another post, probably later tonight or early tomorrow morning. It’s time to get real!

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