It was left over El Pollo Loco for lunch and some berries. Usually, I would not eat berries, but I bought them a week or so ago, and their shelf life is almost over. I added some feta to them.


Jean Valjean and I met a friend after we ate lunch. We met under the guise that we were going to have ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery, but I said that I was going to pass, and I stood outside while they went in and got ice cream. It felt like a win, which is what fighting this battle is all about, knowing when I have to say no to things. We walked down to the beach and ended up walking for almost five miles.


After five miles on the beach, I did not want to cook. We stopped by California Chicken Cafe and picked up their chicken salad. It has chicken, tomatoes, carrots, feta, broccoli, pasta, croutons, and pasta. I should not have had the pasta and croutons, but I figured after the walk, I could get away with it.

blood sugar

I wasn’t going to post my sugar level every day, but I changed my mind. I feel like if you’re going to follow my journey, you need to see it all. Instead of showing you each reading, I’m going to show you the days average. My blood sugar was very high this morning, but after the walk, I got it down to 126mg.

Have a great evening! On to tomorrow!

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