JVJ had a nightmare last night. All of a sudden, I heard him screaming, and I had to wake him up. The strange thing is that he dreamed of losing a passport, and he never loses anything. I’m the ’loser’ of the family; if my head weren’t attached, I’d be asking where it was.

Today was a day of watching 90 Day Fiance and watching the LA Clippers lose in the basketball playoffs. Please do not get used to me talking about sports, because I will not be that person. As you know, I much prefer theater. I only watch sports when forced.


I was playing around on Instagram; you should follow me @selfmadediabetic. I saw a picture of cucumbers with tuna salad, so I decided that I would make them for lunch since I had everything. Not going to lie; I was concerned that last night’s dinner might have caused a spike in my sugar. After doing some research, I don’t think it did but wanted to eat something light.

Cucumber Tuna Bites
Cucumber Tuna Bites


Tonight I made salmon; I used a herb seasoning as well as a garlic parmesan seasoning. My favorite seasoning comes from a company called Kinders. I use them frequently. I also grilled some small peppers and air fried some Brussel sprouts. It was yummy!

Salmon with brussel sprouts and peppers
Salmon with brussel sprouts and peppers

blood sugar

I decided to try a different tactic this morning and not take my blood sugar until later in the morning, right when I was thinking about eating. I waited until 11:49 am, and it was 176mg. I figured that was too high to be putting food in my body, so I waited until 2:30 pm and retook it; it was 138mg. About 1:30 pm or so, I decided that I would try to add some lemon to my water cause I was bored with it. I did a little bit of research and read that, potentially, lemon water can help stabilize or lower your blood sugar. I drank lemon water for the rest of the day. And, my sugar was 132 when I retook it before dinner. Today’s blood sugar was MUCH better than yesterday.

9/15/20 Blood Sugar
9/15/20 Blood Sugar


Today was a little bit of a struggle with the water. I just finished drinking it, and it’s 8 pm. I’m hoping that it doesn’t make me have to use the restroom multiple times tonight.


I’m grateful for figuring out the right combination of what to eat and when. And, for a lower blood sugar average today.

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