When I was in my twenties I worked, briefly, on a fishing boat in Alaska. I was going through one of those times where I didn’t know what I wanted to do in my life, that is not an unusual phase for me to be in. Anyway, there was this one specific day when it was storming and we were out in the ocean, we could see land but it took hours to get there. The waves that day were twenty two feet. It’s really hard to imagine what twenty two foot waves look like until you’ve been in them. They are majestic, but frightening as hell. You can’t help but want to watch them but you also want to run from them. If you don’t ride the wave correctly then you smash down, water comes over the bow and you feel like you’re just getting beaten mercilessly. That day my brother insisted that I come up from the bunk and watch look at the waves. I did, but then I went back down in the bunk, closed my eyes and just tried to fall asleep. It’s like I didn’t want to see what was potentially coming.

This morning I woke up, after the debates last night, and I thought of that story. That’s kind of how I feel right now. I feel like there is a big wave coming towards us and no one knows how to steer the boat properly. I want to get into my bunk/bed and not come out until it’s all clear.

This is as political as I’m going to get here. Vote. That’s all. We are democracy and it doesn’t work if everyone doesn’t vote. Please make your voice heard.


It’s been extremely hot here in Venice Beach the last few days. You know when it’s in the eighties here it’s really hot everywhere else. I’ve tried really hard not to put the oven on the last few days. Today for lunch I had some leftover rotisserie chicken and some green beans.

Chicken and green beans

I have loved living directly behind the Venice Canals for the last five years. Jean Valjean and I are moving in ten days, so I’m trying to spend as much time walking the canals as I can. I know we won’t be far away but they also won’t be right outside our door anymore either. I went on two walks today. One during lunch time and another with Jean Valjean after he got off of work.

Venice Canals


For dinner I had the spinach salad that I love from Costco with some more of the rotisserie chicken. Once again, didn’t have to put the oven on and stayed healthy.

Blood Sugar/Goal

My blood sugar is trending down again, which is great. As stated above I went on two walks today so I definitely met that goal!

9/30/20 Blood Sugar

It’s close to bedtime so I need to run but tomorrow I’ll tell you about a new character. She is one of my dear friends but after she heard about my episode on Saturday she has been on me about my diabetes. She will be known as Dr. Evil.

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