I’m trying to streamline this a little bit more. Honestly, I have thoughts throughout the day, that if I don’t write down I will forget. So I’m going to do a daily timeline that I share with you, and if I need to add anything to it at the time of posting, I will. My goal is to have one post for each day for the next year. I may not be able to do it that day, if I’m traveling, or whatever but I’ll do my best.

Daily Timeline

9:05 AM – I want to eat something fattening and bad for me. This is what happens when I have a lack of sleep. This is one of my triggers that I need to learn how to deal with.

11:07 AM – the tiredness continues, I really don’t want to walk today. I’m looking up videos to make Fathead pizza dough to use for lunch, but it’s too hot to cook things in the oven today.

I did not end up making pizza for dinner. I made pork loin instead.

11:56 AM – Jean Valjean is joining me on a walk.

Seen at Venice Canal

1:14 PM – finished the walk and ate two hotdogs with lettuce as a bun

Hotdog in Lettuce Bun

I don’t have this note-taking down, but I will get better at that soon.

Pork Loin with cauliflower rice
Blood sugar reading.

My blood sugar reading was good yesterday, even after having a drink with some vodka in it.

We are heading to San Diego for a birthday celebration today with a tiny group of people. I’ll have more tonight or tomorrow!

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