We went to San Diego yesterday for my sister-in-laws birthday celebration. There is a fantastic restaurant called Puesto that they wanted to go to. Their tacos are incredible, and I was so impressed that they had a lettuce wrap option for the taco’s so I could still eat right. The only thing that sucked was that I sat on gum, and it ruined my pants, so I had to go and buy sixty dollar shorts across the way; money is tight, so that sucked.

Puesto Tacos

We went and walked around the seaport before we ate lunch. There was a seafood market; I desperately wish that we had packed a cooler cause we would have gone home with some fresh seafood.

Fishing boat

I’m considering making a rule where I have to walk at least one mile a day. I have a friend that does the same thing with running and it’s motivating.

San Diego Walk

I love my sugr. It’s an app that you can use to keep track of your diabetes. I don’t get it for free because my Dr. uses One Touch but I downloaded and am using it myself. It gives you a good picture of your day, and you can put any information in there that you want. So, I think maybe I’ll start posting my daily log from there from now on.

I had Taco’s, chips, guac and salsa for lunch. For dinner, I had a burger on a lettuce wrap from Five Guys and a leftover taco from Puesto that a friend gave me. I was psyched when I got home and my sugar was 98!

Daily Log

More later!

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