It’s been a challenge of a day. I’ve been tired, lazy, and my sugar has been high. I’m not surprised; I ate cookies and ice cream last night. The election has got everyone on edge. We have never had an election here in the US where people are boarding up businesses for fear of violence.

Today was much about self-care. I read, sat on the couch, and made myself drink a gallon of liquid. That will be my challenge for the rest of the week.

Last night we had people over to watch election results. I made tri-tip that I cooked in the sous vide for seven hours, and then I seared it on the stove. Then I used the ninja foodi to grill peppers and asparagus. That was all wonderful. Then I felt like I needed sugar, so our friends went to the store to get cookie dough and ice cream. I baked the cookies, and we ate ice cream.

11/4/20 Blood Sugar

I have to start putting in the work. I know yesterday was a different day because of the election, but I can’t make excuses. My health is the most important thing. So, here is to more of that.

More tomorrow!

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