Today was a much better day than yesterday. Except, I did not sleep as well last night as I would have liked to. I woke up with a bit of a backache, but that is not unusual. Oh, and I have occasional shooting pains in my sides. Damn, I’m so dramatic. I think I’m fine. The worst it would be is diverticulitis, but I don’t think it’s that.

For lunch we ordered from Mike’s Deli. It’s my favorite. I got the today’s special, it had roast beef, turkey, cheese, pickles, avocado, tomato, honey mustard and Mayo. It was perfect.

Mike’s Deli Sandwich

It took everything in me, I felt like I was attached to the couch, but I convinced myself to get up and go for a walk. I went on a little different route than yesterday, and it was great.

12/8 Walk

There was this pork loin at Costco last year that I loved! We cannot find it this year, at least not yet, but I wanted to try to recreate it. I don’t know that I did, but this pork roast that I made was delicious. I used a beef and pork seasoning that I bought plus a woodfired garlic seasoning. I put it in the air fryer at 300 degrees for about an hour or so.

Pork Roast

I served it with squash that I added a garlic parmesan seasoning and cornstarch. I hoped that it would turn out to fry them they would come out crispy. I should have cooked them at a higher temperature.

Pork roast, Applesauce and squash

This is where I’m embarrassed. I don’t want to show you yesterday’s numbers, but I am. This was the promise, right? I think it reflected the sugar I ate from the day before and the stress from yesterday. I’m also showing my numbers from today, so you can see that today was much better.

12/7 Reading
12/8 Reading

That’s it! Thanks for reading. Until tomorrow!

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