How the eff do I go from 175 when I wake up to 190 at 11 am? I’m so fed up and done with diabetes. This sucks.

I was so fed up this morning with these numbers. I’ve been trying to eat better and drink lots of liquid and this happens. The funny thing is that an hour after the 190 reading it went down to 158. Then this afternoon it went to 129. So, I’m doing okay, but it’s just frustrating.

For lunch I heated up the left over pork roast from the other day. We had some canned green beans so I sautéed some onions and carrots with them. We need to shop for veggies but I’m trying to eat through everything while I can.

Pork with green beans.

Dinner was steak, the same green bean dish, and some grilled peppers. The steak was delicious but overcooked. I should have trusted my instinct and took it out sooner.


As promised, here are my numbers from yesterday, not great. I cannot wait for these numbers to go down.


Today’s sugar was about the same as yesterday, even though I had a good reading this afternoon.

Okay, that’s all I have to report today. We are watching Broadway, One Night Only, on TV. It’s making me sad and missing theater. I can’t wait for life to come back.

Stay safe, until tomorrow.

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