It’s time for a new year, and while I’m excited about it I feel like we should all slowly, cautiously glide into this year. Let’s not say anything about it being the best year ever, let’s just let it be what it will be. Last year I was all like ‘New decade, new me.’ We saw what that did.

The last two food days have been nuts. Yesterday, we had crab, shrimp, cranberry and Brie bread, potatoes, and brownies. Today we were exhausted. I went to bed at 2 am this morning, so today was just a relaxed day. We may have had Wendy’s but no judging. I’m getting back on the wagon on Monday. I’m going to go back to intermittent fasting and being as keto as possible.

I hope you had a great new year! Expect a lot more check in’s this year!

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