Mimosas and regret

I’ve pretty much been pretending that I don’t have diabetes the past month and not paying attention to my body and taking care of myself, and that is going to change this month. This will be the month that I take my health back, barring any insurrections or civil wars. It may all be off if that stuff happens again. Can you believe that we are only one freaking month into this year? Last month felt like an entire year.

Yesterday I didn’t do anything, except eat a bunch of sweets that I shouldn’t have. So this is going to be the month that I walk, and I watch what I eat. I’m only going to allow myself to drink one day a week.

Obviously, we all had good intentions before January 6th, but as soon as people started storming the capital, I reached for a bottle of grey goose. I shouldn’t give things like that the pullover me to make me do things that I shouldn’t.

There was one glimmer of normalcy, and that was this weekend. My husband’s niece, who is probably reading this, just turned 21 on Tuesday. The restaurants opened up, and we had to take her to brunch. Y’all, let me repeat, we HAD to take her to brunch. It was fun. People were out. Mimosa’s were flowing, as well as a shot of grey goose. It was almost like a pandemic hadn’t happened, except for the face shields and social distancing. After brunch, we went to Carlos Bakery and got cannoli’s, a pie cake in (yup, you read that right), some lobster tails. I could feel my blood sugar rushing up, but the mimosas and grey goose had me feeling good. I refused to check my blood sugar all weekend. I knew it would be insane.

I checked it this morning and got a dose of reality. Also, I got on the scale, and I had gained 5 lbs since the last time I checked. F*CK YOU diabetes and carbs. Why did they have to make something that tastes so damn good and brought me so much pleasure be the one thing that is killing me?

Anywho, it’s a new month, and I’m moving on. My blood sugar was ridiculous last month when I even checked it. My current monthly average is 166, so my goal is to get that down to the 150s, at least. Maybe I can even lose the 5lbs I had gained?

One last thing, I started a Tik Tok! Check this out. More to come soon!

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