I’m feeling much better today. First, I slept like a baby. When I say sleep like a baby, I mean, I slept, woke up multiple times and then went back to bed again. I felt rested when I woke up, though, which is unusual for me. Usually, I’m dragging like crazy.

This week I get out of work a little bit later than last, so I’m walking closer to 4 pm, but there is still enough sunlight, and I did an active day yesterday. We will see what today brings. I made another tik tok video, this time of me making a tuna melt with no bread in a waffle maker. I know it sounds strange unless you’ve been around keto for a while, but it was perfect. Next time, I may need to add more cheese and let it cook a little bit longer.

For dinner last night, I made roast beef that I cooked in the sous vide all day long and then air fried it for 4 minutes at 512 degrees. I also cooked some peppers and cooked green beans in the sous vide.

My sugar was a little high all day yesterday, but I’m hoping that walking and eating right today will be a better day!

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