2/14 – Chaffles and Walking

I’m going to have to force myself to write these every day again. I’m getting off track; between the pandemic and my husband’s birthday, I’ve been awful all week.

You know you’re married, and there is a pandemic when you spend Valentine’s Day doing laundry and watching TV. It was kind of the best Valentine’s Day ever.


The good news is that I have walked a lot. Or, at least a lot more than I have in the weeks past. I’m starting to take my Fitbit challenges more seriously, and I’m doing a StepBet. If you don’t know what that is, you should check it out. It helps motivate me to make sure that I am walking because if I don’t, there is a chance I could lose money.

I need to make some goals, so I think I’m going to try to do an increase of 5% of steps each week. Last week I took 73,161 steps, so my new goal is 76,819 for the upcoming week.

Steps this week.
5% increase goal


Yesterday we had tons of BBQ. I tried to be good and stayed away from the desserts. I turned down, multiple times, cakes and cupcakes from pushers. I know they just care about me and want me to enjoy food, but it’s hard to say no to sweets. I wouldn’t have diabetes if I didn’t eat so much sweet stuff and carbs when I was younger. I just try to stay calm.

Today I had a burger with a chaffle (egg, almond flour, and shredded cheese). The burger was leftover from a few days ago; I put some cheese on it and a thousand island dressing. Then, I reached for the damn Doritos. I checked my blood sugar afterward, and it was high. I drank a whole gallon of water today and brought it down. I wasn’t going to eat, but I decided to take out a container of frozen chicken cauliflower rice soup. After I ate the Doritos, I got exhausted and did not feel well.

Burger with Chaffle Bun
Chicken Cauliflower rice soup.

I need to tell you about the fried chicken and Baked Alaska this week but I’m going to save that for another time.

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