2/15 – Bad sleep, Keto fried rice, pepperoni and a walk


When I tell you that I love NyQuil, I mean it. If I wasn’t married, I might ask it to marry me, or at least go steady. It calms me, gives me the only restful sleep that I feel like I ever get. But, I got up this morning and checked my blood sugar, and it was 214. I was pisssed. I drank a gallon of water yesterday, woke up every two hours to pee, and no way my sugar should have been that high. So, I did some internet snooping and found that Nyquil has 20g of carbs. Also, the alcohol in it may make your sugars rise as well. You can read more about it here.


We went on a long walk today and did not eat lunch until late. I made these pizza bites in the mini waffle maker. I layered cheese, pepperoni, and then more cheese. Then we put Rao’s marinara sauce on them. They were delicious. We also ate some leftover greens that did a number on our stomachs. Too much info, I know, but tough.

Cheese and pepperoni in waffle maker
Pepperoni chaffle with marinara sauce

For dinner, I made a pork loin that I cooked in the sous vide and then seared. I made a cauliflower fried rice to go with it. See the video below for how I did it.

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