2/16 – Yay Blood Sugar!

Morning Blood Sugar

This morning I woke up, and my blood sugar was 151, which is very unusual. Yesterday it was 214. I know I’ve told you guys this before, but my blood sugar is always very high in the morning, so I’m not sure what happened. I did take some Tylenol pm last night and eat carb-free most of the day.

I think that Tylenol PM will have to be my new sleeping aid. Whenever I take the melatonin gummies or the Nyquil, my sugar is elevated.


Do you know how yesterday I made that cauliflower fried rice and pork chops? Today I thought it would be a good idea to take those leftovers and make them into a chaffle. So, I took the rice, added eggs, and cheese and put it in the mini waffle maker. Then I fried two eggs and added that with an avocado crema, which may not have been the best decision in the world because the crema was old, and my stomach started hurting an hour later. I guess you don’t need to know that part, but I like to share. I put some scallions on top as a garnish, and I also made a tik tok video of the whole thing. I did not share the stomach part with the Tik Tok people because I like you better.

Fried eggs on a cauliflower fried rice chaffle.


I have a bestie that lives in the complex, and we have begun walking together. I told her that i wanted to just walk into the complex because of my stomach thingy from above. I decided, after some Pepto, that I could make it if we went to the park down the street. We walked down there and just kept walking. We walked for over 4 miles, like seven laps, although I lost count. I didn’t want to stop, and at this point, I’m at 14k steps for the day.

After I got home, I took my blood sugar, and it was 94. My blood sugar hasn’t been this low since November 22nd. I looked back at my data because I knew it had been awhile. It’s making all of this walking worth it.


Dinner was leftovers, pork, and more cauliflower rice. The pork is so tender, seasoned perfectly, thanks to the slow bath of the sous vide.

Here is my situation. After I take a long walk, get my blood sugar down, I think that I’m worth of a treat. We have some cheesecake in the refrigerator and I really wanted to get a slice out and eat it. I stopped myself though. I thought to my self, ‘self, you can’t erase all of that hard work that you did today.’ I also thought to myself, ‘self, you can’t write to these lovely people who read your blog and let them know that you walked over four miles and ate a damn cheesecake.’ So, I have you to thank for this. Thank you for being here for me. 🙂 I had these Keto treats below instead of the cheesecake.

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