Lost and scared.
You’re young, queer, with unsupportive parents and not the best bunch of friends.
You have trouble knowing your self worth. You are worth only as much as you think you are. So, you need to focus on you. Maybe write down five things about you that you love? If you think you can’t find them search. Look in the mirror at yourself and say things like ‘I have nice eye lashes, eyes, and I love myself.’ You are not going to believe it at first. That’s okay, but keep going. With every day you will get better. You will realize how special you are.
Surround yourself with positivity. Work hard to take the negative words out of your life.
I need you to know that I’ve been there before. I know how it feels. You are me, and my heart breaks knowing what you are going through.
Here is the thing, you are not lost. You are where you need to be and you are going to be so damn strong when you come out of this. The world is yours and you will grab it. I love you. You got this!


Advice for my besties, lost and scared. You’ve got this. Positivity. You are amazing!

♬ Always Remember Us This Way (from A Star is Born) – Piano Version – Chris Margaritis
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