I’ve thought a lot recently about meditation, about just sitting and being. With my cell phone constantly at my side, it’s complicated. The way my anxious mind works, I need to be by my phone. I don’t want to miss anything. A call about work, a call about a loved one, a call from a friend: I don’t know, my brain makes up many different reasons why I’ll get a call. The truth is, I get very few calls or messages that need to be dealt with right away. I know that part of my nervous system is shot; like that woman at the homeopathic pharmacy told me, I don’t ever let myself rest.

My husband goes to church on Sundays, and I often say that I use that time for spiritual reasons, reading a book, writing, etc. The truth is, I usually use that time on Tik Tok, Facebook, or Twitter. I’m addicted to my phone. So, today I decided that I’d try something new. I love to read, but I don’t have the concentration to do it these days. Since my husband is at church, and I know he doesn’t have his phone on, I hate to imagine the shame his reverend would make him feel if his phone rang during service. I knew I could turn my phone off for an hour, and it would be okay. I told myself, ‘self, you are going to turn your phone off for an hour, read your kindle and not look at your Fitbit until Alexa goes off and tells you the hour is up.’ I circled up with a brand new book by Matt Haig called ‘The Comfort Book,’ it’s a book about life; it’s self-described as messy, and I read sixty percent of it in the hour.

I loved reading when I was a child; I could get lost in a used book store for hours. Books are the gateway to the world, I believe, and every year I say I’m going to read more than I have ever read before, but I rarely do it. The hour went by, I did get up once to use the restroom and make another cup of coffee, but I was amazed how much time an uninterrupted hour is. I want to do it once a day; I need to find the time where I turn everything off but my kindle or an actual book and just read. As much as reading isn’t pure silence, there is something meditative about it, I found myself taking many deep breaths while I was reading, and once I let myself chill, I enjoyed it.

So, turn your phone off, the world will go on!

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