My husband calls me KING. It’s become our pet name for each other. The other day I got off the scale and rushed into the bedroom and said, “I’m down to 215lbs.”

“KING!” he proclaims and then makes this motion of putting a crown on my head. It’s adorable and just what I need in my life. I need positive self-talk, and the truth is, I know I’m far from a King. But, now, when I get up in the morning, I look in the mirror, and I smile at my reflection, and I say, “You are skinny, Ron!” I repeat it over and over again, and I tell myself how skinny I am. It’s comforting, but it would probably really look strange if anyone else saw it.

“Convince yourself everyday that you are worthy of a good life. Let go of stress, breathe. Stay positive, all is well.”

Germany Kent

The other day, after giving my husband a haircut, he called me King again. I said, “Do most kings cut hair? Do most kings have to cook dinner?” I like to joke around that I’m a King/Barber/Chef/Garbage taker outer. Most Kings are more than just Kings, but I imagine them sitting on the throne and having beautiful people bringing them grapes and feeding them to them one at a time. I don’t imagine kings have to set their alarm for 5:15 am to be at their computers for work. I imagine that they can lay in bed as long as they want, and as soon as they get out of bed, there is a manservant (I’m, of course, a gay King), there to lay the King’s slippers out. I imagine a king has an entourage, and if they want bonbons or even that spicy chicken sandwich from Popeyes, they don’t have to wait. It’s just right there waiting for them.

I’m not a King to the rest of the world, just my husband, and that is fine. The truth is that the stress of expectations with being a King would be too much for me. But, it’s nice to be called it. I hope you find a husband, wife, dog, cat, whatever you want who is kind enough to make you feel like a King or Queen every day. We all deserve that.

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